26. Elderly blessings

Aging isn’t just a biological process, it’s also very much a cultural input”

Different cultures have different attitudes, beliefs and practices around aging. I do believe cultural perspectives can reflect our experiences of getting older. I couldn’t bare the thought of relegating either my mum or dad to a nursing home purely due to old age. Surely it’s during those older years when they need us the most? I’m thankful I’ve come from a culture that has upmost respect for their elders and with a great family bond.

During special occasions such as Diwali and weddings, to bow down and touch your elders feet is a very common gesture in showing respect within our Indian community. I’ve always known it as receiving a blessing and showing your mark of respect for your elder. Ever since I can remember, this mark of expression is something I’ve been bought up with and will continue through my adult years.

In exchange of bowing down and touching your elders feet, your elder then blesses you by placing their hands on your head or your back and wishing you good fortune and a healthy and happy life. For me, this is such a heartfelt tradition that I will be proud to continue.

Talitha ♥


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