30. Spa Day

I’m having a major spa day crave! It’s been such a busy month that I really need to get myself a few hours at a spa booked in – doesn’t necessarily have to be anywhere flashy, but somewhere to just unwind and let the bubbles and steam get the better of me so I’m able to reach ultimate relaxation. Spa days are another place of peace for me, there’s something about them that just banishes away any stress and tension.

These photos are a throwback to a weekend away in Leek, Derbyshire at the Three Horseshoes Country Inn and Spa a few months ago. My friend and I booked a room for the evening, trekked to ‘The Roaches’ which was within walking distance from our accommodation and spent Sunday unwinding in their revamped spa areas which included a beach hut, outdoor jacuzzi (I literally nodded off in there), a steam room, a plunge pool (I was brave enough to take the plunge but the caught cold!!) and a sauna. My friend and I certainly made the most out of our weekend away and it was simply blissful. I need another dose of this! I personally don’t think I treat myself to spa days enough!

Where has been your favourite spa and where would you recommend to go?

Talitha ♥


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