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If you have stumbled across my page then a massive WELCOME to you and I’d like to thank you for taking the time out to have a read.

I’m Talitha, with ‘Tia’ being my family name. I currently live in Birmingham, United Kingdom. On a professional level, I work as a Marketing Assistant and one the side, I also work as a Body Shop at Home Consultant – I cannot wait to develop my career further! I’m very open minded with a positive perspective for life, respectful with traditional morals. I’ve wanted to start up a blog for a good while now and I’m so blessed and grateful that I’m here typing and publishing posts! I know I’ll gain masses amount of joy and fulfilment by expressing my thoughts, my lifestyle, my fashion style and favourite recipes – a whole mixed bag of  and most of all interacting with you too. I didn’t want to babble too much about myself here but if you’d like an insight in to me, you can read it all here.

Expressing thoughts are very personal and everything written and discussed is open and honest. All content represents who I am as an individual and I’m so happy to be sharing that with you all! I do hope that you enjoy the contents of my blog and I hope that anyone who visits my site will find something they can relate to and that they LOVE ♥

“Beautiful minds inspire others”

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