25. Aldi Luxury Candle

With Aldi being my local supermarket to stock up on my weeks supply, their range of contemporary looking fragranced candles across three delightful scents have caught my eye on a few occasions and I’ve been tempted to bag myself a couple of them. Today was the day that I gave myself a little treat to No 1 Lime, Basil & Mandarin.

It’s only as of late I’ve read how popular these candles have actually been and I’ve even read comparisons to Jo Malone’s luxury candle! Let’s not get a little cray here, the only noticeable resemblance for me is the packaging; the simplicity of the clear heavy-duty glass outer with the silver lid gives the candle a very classic look. Now, I must admit the price difference is pretty significant with the Jo Malone coming in at £45 whereas the Aldi priced candles are only £3.99 – that’s an absolute steal for a supermarket branded candle. Since Aldi’s luxury range of candles were launched in March initially for Mothers Day, due to high demand Aldi have restocked to meet the needs of its consumer.

I bought this candle simply for it’s refreshing scent, super cute and classic packaging and affordable price, not to jump on the Jo Malone dupe bandwagon. The fact that the candle is presented with two wicks is one of my favourite features and a bonus too – the wax will burn evenly without any high dips and black-marked rings that can sometimes form. Also, once I’m done burning, I can lock in the scent with the handy silver lid.

  • Store: Aldi
  • Scent: No 1 Lime, Basil & Mandarin
  • Price: £3.99

Talitha ♥


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