31. Blogtober Experience

So here it is, my final post for Blogtober 2017! Oh my days! What a journey it’s been! For some, to write, publish and promote a post for every day in the month may not seem like a big deal but it kinda was for me. I could have easily thrown in the towel and given up but I did not want to fail this challenge –  I persisted and never gave up. I’m actually very thankful for my determination because I’ve gained so so much from it!

Every day I’d come home after work, eat, write, sleep then repeat. I had the odd evening off to catch up with friends but other than those few instances, that has pretty much been my life this month. I’ve even skipped the gym because of it. Now, if I’d organised myself a little better and planned my posts, the Blogtobe2017 challenge may have been a little easier. Saying this, to be fair to myself, deciding to rise to the Blogtober challenge was a last minute decision – three days before we entered October. What caught my interest was that I kept seeing ‘Blogtober’ related tweets about other bloggers taking part on Twitter and I was very inquisitive to see what all the fuss was about. The only rule was to blog every day to reflect the calendar day and so I took on the challenge and did just that! You can literally blog about anything you’d like – there’s no restrictions or limits to what you can blog about. 

Tonight I celebrated the completion of successfully posting 31 blog posts with a close friend by dining at the deliciousness that is Shiraz; a friendly family run restaurant on the Hagley Road, Birmingham that serves authentic Persian food. Just look at how scrumptious the food looks!

If you’re a fellow blogger, you can challenge yourself to blog everyday during any calendar month, doesn’t necessarily have to be during October. Personally, October has been a great month for me as few of the topics covered were very current due to the change in seasons and climate. The positives to posting every day by far outweighed the negatives for me when it came to Blogtober. Okay there may have been some late nights, the gym was sacrificed and my routine went a little out the window but all these temporary sacrifices were simply disregarded because it was so worth it. Blogging is a recent founded passion of mine and by any means, a passion should not be seen as a chore!

Blogtober Positives

  • Being able to write about absolutely anything I wanted. Posts don’t have to be lengthy, you can still get the point across by short written, to-the-point content with pictures.
  • My interaction has increased massively! If I compare my blog visit stats to when I launched my blog two and a half months ago, since challenging myself to Blogtober2017, the number of visits to my website has increased by 900%!! Can I get a GO GIRL?! Thank you.
  • Readership has also plummeted. I went from having my mum read and comment on all my posts to readers from the United States to Quatar to India to Sweden to Aruba to Greece read my posts. It’s actually crazy to think my content is being read globally!
  • My creative writing improves with every post I publish – that’s a bonus within itself!
  • The challenge certainly gave be determination and something to aim towards and just the feeling of hitting that ‘publish’ button gave me a great sense of achievement. 
  • My ULTIMATE positive has to be the beautiful feedback I’ve received as it totally reinforces the reasons why I blog. I love the fact that my readers enjoy my posts, they go out of their way to comment and this is proof that my hard work really does pay off to my fellow readers.


If you’re planning to partake in a post everyday challenge for a calendar month I’d advise the following;

  • As soon as you’ve decided you want to post for the month, get jotting down your ideas. You’ll need between 28 to 31 ideas dependant upon which month you choose. I’d suggest to have at least 40 blog post ideas at minimum. Sometimes you may not always be in the mood to write what you initially had planned, so it’s always good to have a backup. If all else fails, slot in a recipe or a beauty review – they always go down well!
  • I’d suggest to have two posts banked at the very least and schedule these in. We all have things that just pop up, so we may not always get the time to write, post and promote.
  • Take a whole heap of photos when you start jotting your blog ideas down. Photo editing can be time consuming so having these to hand ready to upload will save you time.
  • Don’t be afraid to be random. I was worried that my posts would come across random and irrelevant. After receiving feedback, people mentioned that my content was in fact all very relevant and they like the random posts as they didn’t know what to expect the next day so it kept them on their toes!
  • Include the days number within the header and create a separate category. That way people who click on to your blog will be able to quickly identify all posts related to that trend (in my case Blogtober).

I really hope you’ve enjoyed reading my daily posts just as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them! I want to say a massive thank you to anyone that has taken the time to read my blog and to be kind enough to leave comments too. Here is a round up of all my Blogtober posts with the links to the post included;

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31. Blogtober Experience – you’re reading it now 🙂

Talitha ♥


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