27. Hemp moisture protector

Do you find that this time of year and the change of weather dries your skin out? It does mine. For me, my eczema and the psoriasis on my scalp both flare up when the air is dry or hot and moist. This time of year brings heating and aircon – both drain your skin with moisture. When the dry air sucks the moisture right out of your skin, it’s so essential that you replenish the deficit by hydration from two key attributes; water and great moisturising agents.

I have always been a massive lover of the Bodyshop’s body butters, coco butter especially! Since the weather has taken and the seasons change, the air con and heating plummets and this can cause my skin to be dry which in effect causes it to itch! The only way to prevent dry skin is to keep it moistened. I have always made a conscious effort in taking care of my skin; I exfoliate, body brush, oil down and work that butter right in to my skin. To reflect the change of seasons, I will still continue with my routine but just exchange my usual body butter for a more heavy duty one. This is where I introduce to you Bodyshop’s Hemp heavy-duty body moisture protector and it does exactly what it says on the tin. Okay, it may not be the nicest smelling butter by my gosh does it moisturise the hell out of my skin – a saviour in these climates! Its consistency is thick enough to spread, work in to the skin, lock in the moisture, nourish the skin whilst forming a protective barrier. Not only is the butter infused with rich hemp seed oil, but it’s also packed with essential fatty acids; Omega 3, 6 and 9. Worth every penny! I even use the butter on my scalp to help treat my psoriasis and I’ve definitely seen a noticeable difference as I find that I’m not scratching the area as often as the hemp butter has kept it moisturised.

Both my mum and my sister are eczema sufferers and they swear by it – a great heavily chemical-free alternative to prescribed creams! It doesn’t stop the skin from break out but certainly keeps the skin soft and smooth.

  • Store: The Bodyshop
  • Type: Hemp heavy-duty body moisture protector
  • Price: £15

Talitha ♥



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