29. Turn back time

I’ve been long awaiting today, Sunday 29 October purely for the fact that I knew the clock was taking itself an hour back. Perfect. Who doesn’t need an extra hour? I’m thankful for the extra hour as I’m going to use it to kick-start my new routine. I want to get more out of my day so I’m going to run with this new change –  let me have that extra hour please? Thank you. By implementing a new morning routine and using my weekly planner, I’m going to gain as much as I can from those extra 60 minutes. Some may feel that an extra hour is nothing, it will go unnoticed etc – for them yes, for me no. I know that I shouldn’t wait to gain an extra hour to kick start a new routine but it will certainly help. I’m going to be changing my habits completely by getting my ass out of bed an hour earlier and working out when I’m currently used to going to the gym after work.

The only downside to the clocks going back is the lack of light. The majority of us will be waking up in darkness and leaving work in darkness. This time of year is going to be the HARDEST to wake up that extra bit earlier and still be motivated to go to the gym. But saying that, I see it as the best time to get this routine going and I’ve witnessed friends and family reap the benefits from a morning workout. For me, social activities tend to die down a little this time of year which suits me fine. I’ll literally be semi-hibernating as I’ll be busy working on my 2018 summer body whilst saving those pennies. Surely that’s a win-win situation right? I’ll certainly be embracing them winter months and won’t let the cold temperatures get the better of me.

Do you feel the day has gone nice and steady today? How did you use your extra 60 minutes today?

Talitha ♥


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