24. Weekly Planner

“Creating one area of your life organised is contagious and inspiring, it’s all the fuel you need to create order everywhere else”

Since my most recent life changes (past 4 months) in effect, my other goals have been sacrificed. I hardly workout anymore, I hardly ever read and I haven’t completed any work-related courses. Personally, I feel like I’ve failed at reaching those goals mainly due to lack of time and always being busy – like where does all the time actually go? It’s beyond me! It’s scary how fast these months are flying, two months today and it’ll be Christmas eve. Without being too hard on myself and creating heaps amount of pressure, there is only so much one can do. I don’t aid myself though this process as I’m consciously never satisfied; I’m always always wanting better for myself and my sanity, I strive for better and never settle for second best as I cannot do satisfactory and complacency. I enjoy spontaneity just as much as I enjoy my chill ‘me’ time and in addition, I do get a lot out of being organised. When I’m not organised and haven’t completed my tasks I initially set out to do, it can affect my whole flow and aura.

So how will I plan and become more organised may you ask? By putting my this mega cute weekly planner bought from Sainsbury’s to use! I purchased this in store and they had a range of four to choose from. On the one side it has all seven days with eleven entries per weekday, five entries per weekday and on the reverse side, it has a to-do and a notes section. In a bid to shape up my routine, I correct to actually have a realistic routine (you can read how I propose to change-up my morning routine here), this weekly planner is going to be my go-to guide. I basically need to time manage more effectively and accomplish more with my time. With organisation comes defining core values – I’m focusing on priorities and what brings me joy. This sounds very wise – is this an age thing?

I find that I’m most effective at completing tasks and ticking things off my list when they’re written down in front of me, like in my face. I won’t be overloading my planner as it’s easy to get put off by a mammoth list of tasks and I don’t want the feeling of guilt by not accomplishing everything. I want to make time for the gym, read, work on my blog and have a social element throughout the week whilst working full time. I know this is doable if my time is allocated correctly and I find that I work more effectively under pressure as I’ll be conscious with my time. My efficiency at work is most productive when I have a to do list. I know that my tasks can be improved by allocating a set time for each assignment – this will keep me focused and less distracted. Knowing that I’ve spent 20 minutes on a task is better than nothing at all. I’m looking forward to putting my weekly planner to full use, ticking activities off for the day and feeling a sense of achievement after completing those tasks.

Do you keep a time line for your daily activities? If so what works best for you?

Talitha ♥


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